Author:Kuschminder, J.
Publisher:Independent Social Performance Pte. Ltd.
Publication type:Project Report
Regions:West Africa .

This report by Independent SP supports the Phase 2 of the GIZ Community Capacity Assessment for Engaging the Extractive Industry in Sierra Leone. The specific objective of this project was to support the undertaking of a political economy assessment of target CDA communities to determine existing societal dynamics (institutions, political structures, organisational capacity, socio-political/ gender relations). As requested, Independent SP developed a customized Political Economy Analysis framework and toolkit (for fieldwork application) specific to assessing target community dynamics and economy in the context of extractive industry engagement in Sierra Leone.

The project-level PEA framework was developed in April 2014. Fieldwork for the PEA was completed in May 2014 by the local Sierra Leone consultancy Dalan after undergoing a training in the PEA framework and field toolkit. Dalan also provided valuable support and feedback into adapting the PEA toolkit it for use locally in the target communities.

This report is not currently available for public download.

The Phase 2, Part B report includes the results of the successful PEA fieldwork in the target communities utilizing the framework developed in Phase 2, Part A.

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