Ebola outbreak portal 

Unfortunately, our Ebola outbreak portal is again helping practitioners, researchers, and organisations worldwide to stay informed on the current outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

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The current outbreak of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo is raising fears of a repeat epidemic such as was experienced in West Africa in 2014. Resultantly, the EVD Outbreak Portal website is gaining [unfortunately] both relevance and interest again. The EVD Outbreak Portal was a result of a coordinated effort between Independent Social PerformanceHabitat Health Impact Consulting, and Oxfam IBIS (formerly IBIS West Africa). The Portal has remained active since it was set up in 2014. The portal continuously aggregates news articles from local, national and international news regarding Ebola and the Extractive Industries of Oil, Gas and Mining for the countries of Sierra LeoneLiberiaGuineaSenegalNigeria, and the DRC. The Portal has never stopped collecting data since it started in 2014. It is maintained by Independent SP and will always be free and open use.

If you are interested in the original study report, download it here: Mining Companies and Host Communities: Experiences Before, During and After the Ebola Outbreak in Sierra Leone from

Ebola outbreak portal
3 January 2019
By: Jordon Kuschminder
Map Image: ABC News
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  1. Independent SP

    Hi All, we have been made aware the second tier menus on each of the country pages that filters posts (between Health/Extractives/Mining/Oil and Gas) are not viewable on some tablets. There does not seem to be a problem on a full-size monitor (without a narrowed browser) or on phones. We’ll get to fixing this but in the meantime, please be aware.


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